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Photo of concrete pour



Concrete is an incredibly versatile and durable building material that can be used for both structural and decorative purposes in residential or commercial applications.  CRI offers many different concrete mixes depending on the type of structure being poured, condition of the job site, and specifications imposed by the projects overseeing authorities.  From pouring patios to building public works projects, CRI can offer a concrete product to fit strength requirements as well as aesthetic preferences.


Photos of Concrete Trucks

CRI has employees on staff to help match a concrete product to your projects specific needs.  CRI sales professionals are available by phone or can visit your job site.  CRI sales professionals have years of experience in many concrete related fields and have obtained a variety of ACI, NRMCA and PCA certifications to ensure that they are able and qualified to answer your questions or to address your concerns.  Please feel free to use the Concrete Calculator to help estimate how much concrete your job could require.

All of CRI’s concrete batching facilities are NRMCA certified.

Colored Concrete

Color Concrete is a perfect way to add beauty to an already versatile and durable building product.  CRI uses modern batching technology to alter the

appearance of concrete by adding precise doses of color without changing the structural integrity.  Color Concrete can be used in most concrete applications and there are a wide variety of color options to choose from. 

Color options available through Corliss Resources can be found in the Master Color Concrete Brochure.

Pervious Concrete Pavement

Pervious Concrete is a porous yet durable concrete that allows storm water to filter directly through the concrete.  Approximately 14-18% of pervious concrete consists of voids that enable water to flow naturally back into the ground, recharging local watershed systems and replenishing ground water supplies.  The practical uses of Pervious Concrete have grown from greenhouses and erosion control to; residential driveways, parking areas, sidewalks, trails and many other projects where storm water management is a concern.

Pervious Concrete mimics the naturally occurring drainage and filtration of natural soils creating zero runoff.  It is an environmentally conscious building resource that protects natural ecosystems while potentially eliminating the need for expensive collection and detention systems.

CRI has NRMCA certified Pervious Technicians on staff to help answer your questions regarding pervious concrete.